A concoction of many names, our FIYAH CYDAH® is an apple cider vinegar based tonic infused with roots, fruits, berries and herbs. Please note this product is NOT meant to cure, but to fortify your immune system and give your digestive system a boost.


Our FIYAH CYDAH® is spicy with an extra 1-2 kick, so it is advised that you take 1 teaspoon at a time. This folk remedy has been crafted specifically with healing energy, love and joy!



Horseradish: is beneficial to help with the flu and common cold, respiratory challenges, UTI (urinary tract infections) and other ailments.


Ginger: good food aiding in arthritis, digestive issues, gas, coughs and respiratory infections, muscle pain.


Onion: great for your heart health, can be anti inflammatory, and promotes bone and connective tissue health.


Habanero peppers: aids in relief for sinus and headache issues, arthritis relief and great enhancement for metabolism.


Jalapeño peppers: can be a natural pain reliever, may fight cancer, help fight infections, promotes healthy heart.


Oranges: helps with regulating cholesterol, weight loss, can be beneficial in breaking kidney stones, excellent in heart health.


Garlic: aids in helping with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, promotes healthy heart health, asthma, powerful immune system builder, regulates blood sugar levels and more.


Lemons: helps with digestion, congestion and inflammation, helps with flu and cold.


Turmeric: anti inflammatory, anti-viral and anti bacterial, can potentially help complications with allergies, arthritis, disease, and Alzheimer's.


The overall tonic is great for respiratory improvement, boosts energy and digestion and sinus congestion, helps reduce blood sugar.


Suggested serving size - 1-3 tablespoons per day.

32 servings per bottle.


No information or products on this site should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.