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Elderberry Elixir is great for aiding in coughs and immune system boosting. Enjoy some of the benefits of each ingredient. 


Elderberry: great immune booster, high antioxidants, high in fiber, and can help with constipation (so be easy and don't drink the whole thing at once), Vitamin B, B6 E, C, and a host of other properties.


Ginger: helps with nausea and digestive issues, is anti-inflammatory, decreases blood sugar, and helps fight infections.


Cardamom: Anti-oxidant, and Anti-inflammatory, reduces digestive problems, has antibacterial properties, and treats infection, improves breathing.


Echinacea: fights flu, helps promote healthy cell growth, decreases blood pressure and sugar levels, and reduces inflammation.


Clove: high in antioxidants, may protect against cancer, reported to help regulate blood sugar, and much more.


Elecampane: improved lung and respiratory issues.


Astragalus: immune boosting, aids in allergies, and cold symptoms, anti-inflammatory.


Orange peel: vitamin C, protects against cell damage, a good source of fiber, and calcium, heart heart-healthy, and immune system strengthener. 


Rose Hips: high in Vitamin C, supports a healthy immune system, may protect against Type 2 diabetes, can reduce pain and inflammation, promotes a healthy heart, rich in antioxidants.


Wild cherry bark: good for lung problems and other respiratory issues, digestive disorders.


No information or product on this site should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.


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